Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Top Twelve Competition. Or, well, some of it.

I’m gonna be upfront and admit that I didn’t blog the entire episode, but I have a good reason. You see, my family’s in town. And so a little more than halfway through, I headed over to their hotel and watched the last two dances there. And I didn’t bother blogging, because the whole point of this blog is for me to say the things I normally say out loud to my mother. And, well, she was there. So I just said them out loud to her. I did see every piece except the can can, and I would be happy to share with you my opinions should you ask. But I doubt anyone will.

Here we go! This is the week we pick the top ten and, therefore, the last week the judges get a say. Thank goodness.

Cat actually looks decent, but it’s not Tuesday without mocking her, so…holy cow are those earrings eating her face or what?!

Couple One: ballroom dancer Ryan and jazz dancer Ellenore
Lindy Hop with Carla
First off, I’m loving all the new choreographers this season. But uh…the judges were watching a different dance I think. I thought that was kind of disappointing. Adam, he DIDN’T get through all those lifts. He almost dropped her every single time! The coffee grinders were good, yes, as were their expressions. But the footwork and all of the other stunts were just bad.

Couple Two: contemporary/lyrical dancer Kathryn and b-boy Legacy
Jazz with Sonya
OK, I may love new choreographers, but I am positively obsessed with Sonya’s choreography. This was absolutely brilliant. Their timing was so on! Ridiculous. And those stunts, with his strength b-boy skills and her flexibility, were just completely perfect. Their stamina is incredible-I’d have been on the ground in exhaustion halfway through that. This routine was just so cool!

Couple Three: ballroom dancer Karen and contemporary dancer Victor
Tango with Tony and Melanie
So here we have a new couple. This is the second time in this competition that Victor has had a new partner (his original partner, Bianca, got kicked off the second week). I’d say it worked out pretty well-the dancing was pretty good (as usual, I fail at critiquing ballroom). I did, however, find the music to be insufferably dull, even with the changeups. Probably just me though. I did expect to see more of a wow-factor with the dancing, what with Karen, you know, being a ballroom dancer and everything. She’s certainly not comparable to Shakira or Jennifer Lopez, Nigel.

Couple Four: contemporary dancer Nathan and jazz dancer Mollee
Hip hop with Jamal
I love it when choreographers find a way to focus Mollee’s energy so brilliantly. I guess it’s more the style, but I’m really glad this wasn’t some Tabitha/Napoleon emotional hiphop. I didn’t notice Mollee holding back at all like Adam said, but maybe that’s just because I wasn’t aware of her injury. Oh, on replay, I do kind of see it. It just wasn’t that noticeable on first watch. The concept here was great, but the lights and background were pretty distracting. Especially the neon green. A couple of the choreography points struck me as a bit odd, but I’m not a choreographer so whatever. Great ending, though. Overall good job.

Couple Five: Krumper Russell with contemporary dancer Noelle
Samba with Tony and Melanie
Repeat choreographers? Really? I mean, both numbers were wonderful, but give someone else a chance. Surely more people can choreograph tango and samba. I thought they were great, but her footwork wasn’t quick enough, she wasn’t moving her hips enough (on the parts where it wasn’t blatantly choreographed), and his upper body was too stiff. I think Adam’s right, though I hate this word when it comes to dance, but it wasn’t “dirty” enough. They were overall great, though, but of course they were going off of excellent choreography and had a killer stunt at the end.

Couple Six: Latin ballroom dancer Ashleigh and contemporary dancer Jakob
Lyrical jazz with Sonya
Again with the repeat choreographers! Argh! And again, it’s not like the pieces were subpar as a result, but jeez, let’s have some diversity. The dancing here was absolutely incredible. It’s not every day you see a guy do a penche or an extension like the ones Jakob has pulled off here. And, yes, any hatred I previously had against Ashleigh is now and forever (or, well, for now) gone. In their stunts and lifts and everything else it just looked like they were floating. And I love her dress. One downside (besides Jakob’s pants): That singer’s voice. WHAT WAS THAT??? Completely obnoxious. So high-pitched and breathy and ughhhh.

And here we go again…

Couple One: ballroom dancer Ryan and jazz dancer Ellenore
Broadway with Spencer
First of all, excellent music from an excellent show (Razzle Dazzle from Chicago). I’m not entirely sure I got the concept, though it became clearer as the dance went on. They definitely executed whatever it was extraordinarily well, though.

Couple Two: contemporary/lyrical dancer Kathryn and b-boy Legacy
Viennese Waltz with Jean-Marc and France
OK, so normally I hate the Viennese waltz. Despise it. But this really wasn’t so bad. In fact, it was pretty good! There was a story and everything! And yes, Legacy definitely just tricked the judges into being nice to him with that crying routine. But yes, he deserved it. They weren’t flawless, but they were wonderful.

Couple Three: ballroom dancer Karen and contemporary dancer Victor
Hip Hop with Laurie Ann
Ah, I KNEW we couldn’t have an entire episode with 12 dances and no emotional hip hop. That background has me seeing green spots on my computer screen now. Wonderful. Anyways, I seriously wrote down that they looked way too angry, and then Adam said it. I see he’s back to agreeing with me constantly. And no, that shouldn’t be the other way around. Their movements were sharp and they only got off from each other once or twice, but…yeesh. The emotion was awful.

Couple Four: contemporary dancer Nathan and jazz dancer Mollee
Can-Can with Tyce
Really? Tyce and Can-can? All righty then.
Oh my gosh, they’re dressed like candy canes

…and there ends this blog. A rather abrupt ending, yes, but an ending none the less.

Oh! Wait! Predictions!

Bottom Three Couples:
Ryan and Ellenore
Karen and Victor
Russell and Nicole

See you tomorrow. Maybe.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Top Fourteen Results

Cat looks about six. And is she wearing those flower shoes again? Gah. If she’s not, she has wayyy too many pairs of over-the-top elaborate heels.

Opening number brought to us by Wade and Amanda Robson, which I should have known, but didn’t. My mom and I both guessed Tyce, which of course doesn’t make sense given that he choreographed last night. Excellent choreography from Wade and Amanda. Too bad half of America’s favorite dancers didn’t know their counts.

And on with the heartbreaking. Yes, I’m using that as a verb.

Ashleigh and Jakob are safe. Not surprising, but I kind of wanted to know what sort of solo Ashleigh was planning to do in that sockhop costume.

Karen and Kevin are in the bottom three. Good. I wonder if they’ll go home. They were certainly the worst last night, but they spent the first three weeks on the hot tamale train. And I can’t believe that is now a legitimate line of reasoning.

Ryan and Ellenore are safe, obviously. Travis never fails his dancers.

Channing and Victor are in the bottom three. Huh. Well, America isn’t very receptive to “weird” dances, so maybe that’s what failed them. I did think they were excellent last night but they haven’t been the best in the past.

Russell and Noelle are safe after their second foxtrot.

Kathryn and Legacy are safe, quite possibly the first time anyone’s ever been safe after a Paso Doble. I’m making that up, by the way, no idea if it’s true. Surely it’s the first time anyone’s ever DESERVED to be safe after a Paso Doble.

By the way, this puts Mollee and Nathan in the bottom three, which makes me two for three. Also, I clearly know America better than Nigel does. HAH.


Karen: OK, I’m sorry, but what WAS that? So not even worth critiquing.

Kevin: Meh. It looked just like what he did last week. And what every hip hop dancer before him has always done.

Channing: That was a little better. Maybe I’m just not easily impressed tonight.

Victor: Wow, that boy can spin. All right, I’m impressed. Thank you, Victor. I’m actually a bit surprised it was him who restored my faith.

Mollee: Wow, her hair is such a distraction. But yeah, that was pretty good, if not completely overridden with stunts.

Nathan: Wow, I really liked that. And I’m surprised again.
So, let’s see. Based on solos, I’d get rid of Karen and Kevin. But based on everything all together…Channing and Victor. But really I have no idea.

And here we go.

Hey, Mollee’s safe. I’m so surprised. Because, you know, Nigel didn’t practically tell us that as soon as she left the stage after her solo.

Ummm…How did his talking to Channing suddenly turn into “So, you’re great and all, but here are all the reasons we like Karen better even though her technique sucks”?
Jerk. But, yeah, bye Channing. Saw that coming.

If nothing else, I rock at choosing who’s safe.

Kevin is leaving us, which is a bit of a shock, but I’m certainly not complaining.

So, next week…Karen and Victor? This could be interesting. Not sure if I’ll be blogging…depends on what my nutty family is up to and if I join them! I know, you’re devastated. Suck it up.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Top Fourteen Competition

Wow, we’re down to fourteen already? I don’t even feel like I really know them yet! Time flies. I also don’t have a favorite yet which is pretty unusual for me.

I see Cat found a comb and some conditioner. Took her long enough. Unfortunately, she also found the tinfoil... and turned it into a dress. Which would actually be pretty if it weren’t, you know, metallic.

No, I would not like to see a nine-year-old Nigel Lythgoe. She doesn’t care. Nor do I want to hear more Mary/Botox jokes, but Adam doesn’t care. His picture is kind of great, though.

Couple One: Latin ballroom dancer Ashleigh and contemporary dancer Jakob.
Hip Hop with Tabitha and Napoleon (they’re baaaack…)
Oh good, more “emotional” hip hop. This has been getting stale since “Bleeding Love” two years ago (my favorite piece ever, but you probably knew that), but this was pretty good! They were incredibly sharp. I felt like she was maybe a hair behind a couple times, but she was really good and (listen closely, because I may never say it again…) I agree with Nigel. She has improved vastly and I slightly regret disliking her so strongly at the beginning. The handstand-flip stunt was amazingly smooth. I’ve never seen it so good. There was one part with her on the floor that was a little awkward, but overall I’m impressed.

Couple Two: ballroom dancer Karen and hip hop dancer Kevin
Broadway with Spencer (what’s with all the new Broadway choreographers? Oh, he’s cute!)
Well, this dance gets a giant MEH from me. At first I thought he was doing better because he was sharper, but I’m pretty sure that was actually tension, and it was pretty unimpressive. She had pretty good emotion but that was about it. My measure with technique is pretty much “if I can do it, they’re not doing it well enough.” And, well, I could have done that (you know, two years ago when I was in shape). Neither one had any height in their kicks or jumps. And there were little choreographic differences that really should have been easy to figure out had they tried. On second thought, this was a little worse than “meh.” This was pretty bad.

Couple Three: Krumper Russell with contemporary dancer Noelle
Foxtrot with Edward
Huh. Foxtrot again. That sucks. Ahem. I really suck at critiquing ballroom. It all seemed pretty good to me! That stunt (the walkover into the lift) was super cool. I was impressed. I can see where that would be easy to mess up big time. I thought some her smile was erring on the side of ridiculously cheesy at parts (toward the end), but it was overall really good. I think.

Couple Four: contemporary dancer Channing and contemporary dancer Victor
Jazz with Tyce
OK, I went into this one with low expectations because of a text from my mother an hour previous that read “Weird Tyce routine. Hmmm.” And for her, weird usually equals not so good. BUT, I really liked this! Yes, it was weird. But the technique was incredible, particularly from Channing (I never thought I’d get to say that!) It definitely told a great story and was well-danced. But was anyone else afraid that bird cage would topple? Surely we can afford sturdier props.

Couple Five: contemporary/lyrical dancer Kathryn and b-boy Legacy
Paso Doble with Tony
OK, so, I hate the paso doble in general. No one’s ever strong or dramatic enough and the effects are always ridiculous. But in this case, only one of those things was true. Their dancing was actually pretty intense and sharp. OK, really intense. And Legacy was shirtless. That’s always all right by me. Kathryn’s flexibility was really impressive the entire time. The only bit I thought was a little awkward was the sitspin toward the end…I think maybe she didn’t have enough momentum. But I know nothing. Also, her dress made for a pretty sweet prop, but in those lights it nearly blinded me a couple times. Seriously.

I’m not even going to pretend I listened to the charity plug.

Couple Six: ballroom dancer Ryan and jazz dancer Ellenore
Contemporary with Travis. Cue another preteen girl freakout (although I got a heads up from my mom about this one)
Her extensions are absolutely incredible. I mean, wow. And those stunts were mind-blowing and the emotion was just SO there. Travis Wall is just a choreographic genius, which we all knew already. And look how adorable he is when Nigel tells him what an asset he is! Wow. I don’t even have more to say. That piece was just incredible.

Couple Eight (finally): contemporary dancer Nathan and jazz dancer Mollee
Pop jazz with Laurie Ann
Hmm OK. First, I strongly dislike Lady Gaga. So the music didn’t do it for me and neither did the choreography. I thought pop jazz would be perfect for Mollee and was disappointed to find it wasn’t a happy piece, but she did manage to look slightly more grown up than usual. I was actually impressed by her. Her dancing was really good and I didn’t think that Nathan was into it at all, but whatever. The choreography really just sucked for me and ruined a lot of it.

My bottom three couples:
Nathan and Mollee (just because of Nathan, really)
Karen and Kevin (only obvious one, although we all know how “obvious” played out last week)
Russell and Noelle (though this was a stretch)

And we end this with yet another text-quote from my mother (yeah, we talk a lot. We love each other.)
“Adam, you can’t promise them all top 10.”

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Top Sixteen Results

First results show of the season! Group number! Yay. I missed results shows.

My mom and I always watch the group numbers and try to guess who choreographed them. I really had no idea, as this was a pretty funky mix of African jazz and hip hop. Turns out the genius behind this piece was Dave Scott, which I probably could have guessed had I tried.

Also, it hadn’t occurred to me that these dancers got to glide through the first two weeks of competition without the added stress of learning a group number on top of a duet and a solo that they may or may not need to fall back on. Lucky them.

Cat looks ridiculous as usual and shouldn’t try to run in those shoes or she’ll be the next one with a knee injury.

I see Nigel is having trouble relinquishing his grip of power and trusting America.
Thank you, Adam, for correcting Nigel and Mary and reminding them that this is, after all, about what AMERICA wants. How did I survive the first five seasons without Adam here every week?

The results start off predictably, with Ryan and Ellenore being sent to the bottom three straight away for that horrid hip hop “duet.”

Channing and Victor are safe, which is extraordinarily lucky for them. (Why does Word want to change that “are” to an “is”? I IS JOURNALIST. I know what I’m doing, thanks). Kathryn and Legacy are safe as well, which, much to Cat’s dismay, did not come as a surprise to me. Cat, you SUCK at building suspense. We can all do the math and figure that you’re not going to put 2 of the first 3 couples into the bottom 3. It doesn’t make sense. Plus, they were good last night.

Ashleigh and Jakob are safe, as are Noelle and Russell (no surprise there, he’s an audience favorite). Pauline and Peter are in the bottom. Huh. Well, somebody had to be, and neither one has really been AWESOME yet, so ok. I can deal with this.

Can we stop making the whole show a metaphor about trains? It’s making my head spin. Thanks

Wow, didn’t see that coming-Mollee and Nathan being in the bottom 3. This must be what Nigel was referring to in the beginning. Again, though, America can’t get it wrong because what we’re voting for is AMERICA’S FAVORITE DANCER. Therefore, I feel justified in saying, once again, “Shut up, Nigel.”

Is it bad, though, if part of me wanted Karen and Kevin to be in the bottom 3 just to spite Mary?

Oh, good, “special guests.” Wait, what’s that? The special guests are DANCERS? Well, that’s a new one. I do love me some Alvin Ailey. I won’t bother critiquing them since, well, they’ve already proved themselves by making it onto one of America’s top dance companies.


Ellenore (dancing to a song called Eleanor...yeah, I’m easily amused): I thought it was good! The choreography was original and clever, and her technique was on even without a ton of impressive tricks (which bore me to tears anyhow).

Ryan: Ah, that explains the outfit. I was wondering. Yeah, I’m not sure how I felt about that dance, even though I know how tough ballroom solos can be. And way to screw up at the end-tumbling is NOT ballroom, and almost landing on your head is not intelligent. Stick to what you know.

Pauline: Oh, it’s all the annoying tricks I was referencing! You know, I’m pretty sure I’ve done that dance before. Or maybe it’s that I’ve seen it at every dance competition I’ve ever been to (which is more than you’d think). Well-executed but dull.

Peter: I love tapping so much and this was incredible. If they send him home (especially after Ryan’s solo), I just might cry.

Karen: Another ballroom solo that I didn’t completely understand. It looked like she was trying to incorporate the African style that seems to be all the rage this week. Meh. We all know she’s staying anyway, so who cares?

Kevin: Wow, he was moving his arms so quick it was amazing. This was just the perfect example of why he is on this show.

SO, if this were based on solos, I’d send Karen and Ryan home. If it’s based on everything (as it should be), I’d send home Pauline and, unfortunately, Peter. Let’s see how this plays out…

And after a little too much lecturing from Nigel and hardly a peep from Mary and Adam, we say goodbye to Pauline and Peter. Craaaaaaap. Tappers now officially have a bad name on this show.

Ah, well. At least I do truly believe they were the two who should have gone, much as I do love them both. Well, mostly just Peter.

Next week: Top Fourteen! See you Tuesday!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Top Sixteen Competition

Yay for the judges no longer having complete control! I feel bad for the four who left when they might not have otherwise. Of course, some of them may still have. I’m looking at you, Brandon.

Ahem. Cat’s hair? Too much hairspray. And her ears look huge. And her dress is made of snakeskin. Fashion fail.

No Paula Abdul jokes? It’s about time. Was that really so difficult?

Season five dancers are in the audience, which gives me the perfect time to bring up the latest rumor: Jason and Janette, a couple? I always thought he’d end up with Jeanine. And so the drama of reality television continues, even another season later. Attention whores.

(I’m kidding. Or if anything, I’m jealous of Janette.)

Couple One: ballroom dancer Karen and hip hop dancer Kevin
Hustle with Maria
OK, yeah. I may think she’s a whiny attention whore for making her divorce the “one thing America should know about you,” but she sure can dance. It’s totally obvious that she’s the ballroom dancer. I thought Kevin was pretty sloppy/floppy, but apparently I’m the only one. Whatever, I’m right. My only good thought about him was “at least he’s not dropping her.” She definitely stole the show. The choreography seemed a bit repetitive to me, but what do I know about hustle? Nothing. Oh, and they both stay on the train…and the train is still pointless, and Mary is still obnoxious.

Couple Two: Latin ballroom dancer Ashleigh and contemporary dancer Jakob. And a golf club. I mean, cane. Whatever.
Jazz with Mandy Moore
Hey, remember when I hated Ashleigh? Yep, there’s always one I love to hate (remember Caitlin?). Except not anymore, because apparently she’s a history and politics dork like me. And she’s not a half bad dancer, either. Crap. Some of her steps were a bit awkward, but they were both still really good. His facials were super intense, in a really great way. And props (haha, Cat, I can make a joke too) to Mandy for not doing her usual competition-style pop piece.
On a random note, they were couple 2 last week as well. Oh, the things you notice when you blog.

Couple Three: Couple Eight: jazz dancer Pauline and tap dancer Peter
Quickstep with JT and Tomas
Well, for two non-ballroom dancers, they sure didn’t dance the “kiss of death” as badly as most (WHY DOES ADAM ALWAYS SAY WHAT I’VE ALREADY WRITTEN? HAS HE NO THOUGHTS OF HIS OWN???). Ahem. I thought the concept and choreography were cute and played well to the dancers’ abilities. I thought their footwork was pretty on at parts, but surely not perfect. I think they did as well as could be expected, for who they are and what the style is. Slight improvement over last week-seems like they get the cool concepts that they can’t quite execute.

Couple Four: contemporary/lyrical dancer Kathryn and b-boy Legacy
Broadway with Andy
ANDY? Who the hell is ANDY and where is TYCE? OK, I’m taking deep breaths, I swear. I’m sure you understand my shock.
Oh, OK, that wasn’t bad. In fact, it was much MUCH better than what Tyce gave us a week ago. I forgive you, show. The personality here was great. They were both showing so much with their entire bodies, not just on their faces, and that can be tricky. Her dancing wasn’t totally all there, but I blame the tennis shoes. Impossible to spin in. Legacy was brilliant, and it was a great use of his b-boy skills there at the end, with the head-hop thing. I think that’s a technical term. Also, their stunt where they flipped over each other was awesome (although, I can do that. Just not as well).
Oh, and Mary’s back to speaking in that obnoxious repetitive way, yes she is!

Couple Five: contemporary dancer Channing and contemporary dancer Victor
Contemporary with Stacey
WOW, did they ever throw you two a softball this week. If this is anything short of amazing, what with both of them dancing their own style, then I’m pretty much writing them off.
And, good, they nailed it. Surprising, seeing as how much that music sucked. They added a lot more passion than the music had, so good on them. That flower in the background was really freaking cheesy, though. They did a really great job, and good thing, since they were both toward the bottom of my rankings. And I’m not booing Nigel. HE’S RIGHT. Stupid live audience.

Couple Six: ballroom dancer Ryan and jazz dancer Ellenore
Hip Hop with Lil C
What we have here, friends, is two mediocre hip hop solos. Yes, they’re dancing completely differently. And poorly, both of them. He’s completely not sharp, and she’s not dancing full-out. And it’s basic hip hop choreography! And…cow print on the pants? What? Whatever. This was just completely mediocre for me. BUT they’ve both been so strong in the past that it may not be a total death wish.

Couple Seven: contemporary dancer Nathan and jazz dancer Mollee
Salsa with Gustavo
Hey, Mollee’s half deaf like me! Well, I’m not half deaf. Anymore. But deaf enough for it to impact my dancing on occasion. ANYWAYS…
Wow, Mollee is not mature enough to pull off sophisticated sexy. I sympathize with looking twelve, but this was just bad. They fumbled around on a ton of steps and kept getting their arms tangled up. Also, it looked like Mollee maybe forgot the choreography at one point? She was about 2 counts late on a pirouette. Only about a half-count late on everything else. And the choreography was really too fast for them. Umm, I didn’t really pay attention to Nathan. I gather he wasn’t great either. On the upside, these two started off the competition really strong, and I’m hoping they can stick it out.

Couple Eight: Krumper Russell with contemporary dancer Noelle
African jazz with Sean
At least we’re ending the show on a good note! Wowza. I mean, that was just incredible. The lighting was perfect, her hair was AWESOME…I guess I’m kinda glad they kept her now! Maybe the judges do know what they’re doing…maybe. Russell was just spot-on the entire time, and those stunts were absolutely jaw-dropping. What a wonderful finale for the show this week. And as much as I hate the hot tamale train, I was starting to feel bad for the fourteen who never have a prayer, so I guess I’m happy for Russell. I’d be happier if the train crashed though. With no one on it, of course.

At least we got some new choreographers this week! No Melanie and Tony, no Tabitha and Napoleon. Everything in moderation.

Now go forth and vote! BECAUSE YOU CAN!

Just for good measure, my bottom couples:
Nathan and Mollee
Ryan and Ellenore

But really, no clear loser here. Tomorrow should be interesting. I shall see you then!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Top Eighteen Competition AND Results

Well, folks, here we are again. Last week we said goodbye to Ariana and Brandon before we even had a chance to get to know them. Such is life. This week, the top 18 become the top 16. Once again, the judges will pick the bottom four and send two home tonight. Next week, after the Phillies become World Champions once again, we return to the regular format and pick America’s favorite dancer…instead of the judge’s favorite dancer.

I like the new intros. Did I say that last week? Oh well. I like the competitive style they have going.

Why is Cat wearing a nude nighty? I think she was going for the same style Mary was but Mary pulled it off way better.

Nigel announces that Billy (who was supposed to be top 20 but then got mono) and Brandon (who replaced Billy but was kicked after the first week of competition) get to come back next season. Duh. It’s only good publicity.

On with the dancing. Because that’s really why we’re all here, right?

Couple One: Krumper Russell with contemporary dancer Noelle
Hip hop with Jamal
First thing I noticed right off the bat was their expressions. Spot-on. And, yes, that can be difficult for people. The choreography was awesome and creative (see, FOX? It’s not always just about Tabitha and Napoleon). And Russell danced well, which was a given. Keeping him in his genre after almost going home last week was a smart move, as he’s an early favorite for lots of fans. But Noelle…oh, Noelle. She started off well, but I don’t care what Mary thinks, it was completely obvious her knee was killing her. Her aerial was awful. I can’t tumble to save my life, and I could have done that. And that makes me sad for her, but yeah, she needs to go, if only for her own health. Why stay in the competition if you’ll need a knee replacement at 30?

Couple Two: Latin ballroom dancer Ashleigh and contemporary dancer Jakob
Viennese Waltz with Tony and Melanie
Hey, choreographers. Stop putting full-on kisses in the dances. That doesn’t take dance talent. It was hot when Mia choreographed it, dull when Travis choreographed it (although there are rumors Jeanine and Jason improvised that bit…) and completely chemistry-less tonight. Probably because she’s married or something. Anyways, I thought the dancing tonight was awesome. Good jete from Jakob, great lifts at the end. And yes, Ashleigh proved herself, darn it. I hate being wrong. Also, Adam, just waltzing is boring. The stunts made this the only Viennese Waltz I’ve ever enjoyed.

Couple Three: Tap dancer Bianca and contemporary dancer Victor
Broadway with Tyce
All right, I wasn’t wowed by this. And thanks again to Adam for putting into words the reasons why. I did manage to nitpick some technique things that the judges didn’t talk about. I do feel like Bianca started off really “losing it” (in that good way), but then they started thinking too much. The choreography was a little slow to start, and then when it picked up the timing was off. And I think it threw them off dancing barefoot-his pirouettes and leaps especially were a bit awkward. Awkward’s a good word for this whole dance, actually. I was disappointed. Sad, since last week they were so incredible.

Couple Four: contemporary dancer Nathan and jazz dancer Mollee
Bollywood with Nakul
Hey judges…maybe it only looks like Mollee’s calming down because you keep giving her such peppy styles. I mean, I love her, but the hyper-ness is still there-in a good way, for now. Not looking forward to when she has to do a slower style. Anyways, they were both really good tonight. Nathan had awesome tricks at the beginning and incredible turn control (and yes, I had written that down before Nigel said it). I think her more subtle movements could have been a bit sharper, but what do I know? Great job from both, though.

Couple Five: contemporary dancer Channing and tap dancer Phillip
Samba with Tony and Melanie
First, it’s really hard for me to critique ballroom, seeing as how I know nothing about it, but whatever. My first thought was “why is her hair so big?” For once, I thought the footwork and such was really on but the lifts and stunts were where they struggled. The first one was flawless, but the second big one they definitely had trouble getting into. It definitely ended well, but you could see her nerves after that. Hey, did anyone else notice that only one or two people booed after Mary said Phillip was holding Channing back? Interesting. And I see Nigel is back to being super creepy. Anyways, the ending was cool and this was definitely better than last week.

Couple Six: ballroom dancer Karen and hip hop dancer Kevin
Hip hop with Tabitha and Napoleon
Come on, show. Can’t you come up with nine different styles of dance? No? Because I can. And I see Tabitha and Napoleon are breaking out the props again (aren’t they the ones who chained two dancer together at the ankle last season?) I did love the choreography, though. Minus the bits where they were pretty much having sex on stage. And they danced it so well! Both of them! And Karen’s back on the hot tamale train. And Kevin is joining her. Shut up, Mary. NO ONE CARES.

And this is the point in the show when I saw the ridiculous flowers on Cat’s shoes. Oh goodness.

Couple Seven: contemporary/lyrical dancer Kathryn and b-boy Legacy
Contemporary with Stacey
I like her dress! And no, that has nothing to do with the dancing, but it’s TRUE. I really liked this, and it reminded me of Mia’s addiction piece last season (Oh, Mia. I miss you.) Kathryn’s extensions were brilliant and their stunts were incredibly smooth. I totally forgot Legacy was a b-boy. He was dancing like a contemporary dancer! And they were dancing with so much emotion, and not just on their faces. I think this is the kind of piece that would have really affected me if I’d seen it in person (like the judges), and I wish I had, or that it had translated better on television. But it was really, really amazing.

Couple Eight: jazz dancer Pauline and tap dancer Peter
Jazz with Wade
OK. This is our new couple of the week, and that makes it tricky to judge. I do like the concept, but maybe not the way it was carried out. They looked happy to me when I thought it was supposed to be more angry, but then I realized it could have been an evil look they were going for. Who knows. They were really together the whole time, but it wasn’t a horribly difficult routine. The moving background was distracting. I appreciate that it had to jumble up at that one part-but the constant spinning was driving me nuts. Anyways, great concept, so-so execution.

Couple Nine: ballroom dancer Ryan and jazz dancer Ellenore
Argentine tango with Miriam and Leonardo
Yay, I liked this one! I always like it when they close with good pieces. All I have written down is the word “awesome” four times, each followed by another word (those words are drop, flexibility, footwork and lift, if you’re wondering). The footwork in particular was incredibly graceful, from both. And I didn’t even notice the dress caught on the shoe, though in watching replays, it was pretty obvious. So that was probably my own exhaustion. But yes! These two are on a roll.

My bottom four:
Noelle and Bianca
Victor and Phillip

I am so freaking smart I amaze myself sometimes. As soon as he called those three couples forward, I knew I was right. And of course they all pull off AWESOME solos. (That, Noelle, is how you do an aerial). I’m really glad I’m not a judge.

Crap. No. Wrong. Bad call, judges. Noelle really needs to go for all the reasons I said above during her duet. But as sad as it makes me to see two tappers kicked off, they did choose the right guy. Victor was better last week. But oh man, I cannot wait for voting to start next week. The bias is killing me.

Well, folks, that’s where this leaves us. Our new couple is Victor and Channing…I don’t see this going well, except that they’re both contemporary dancers. I suppose we’ll see.

Until next week…Go Phillies.