Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Finale Part 1: Top 6 Competition

I still say this isn’t right-the whole “top 6 finale” situation. My mom and I talked about it today and they’re really doing a lot differently than they have in the past and I don’t really like it. If it’s because of the format, I’d really rather they switch back to summer.

But anyways. Like it or not, here we are at the finale competition. I have NO idea how they’re formatting this, so I am very much “winging” (as Steve would say) this blog.

I see we’re taking the dramatic approach, with ridiculous music playing as we watch the finalists file out of their dressing rooms and onto the stage. Cheesy.

Cat didn’t do her hair again. Figures, since she’s wearing a halfway decent dress. And Adam feeds the madness by telling her she looks beautiful. No.

I think everyone’s dancing with everyone else (If Wikipedia is to be believed).

Also, my mom said Mary cries a lot tonight. I shall keep count.

Couple One: Ryan and Kathryn (You know their styles by now, right?)
Samba with Jason
Well, that was…awkward. I loved the choreography and I totally see where Jason was going with that, but she definitely kicked him at least twice. The footwork was great from both of them, and I agree with Nigel but she definitely looked like a ballroom dancer. But the stunts at the beginning and the end were just awkward. Meh, the judges like it. And it wasn’t awful, but…it also wasn’t great. The shirtlessness was, even though it was Ryan.

Couple Two: Ellenore and Jakob
Broadway with Tyce
Well, this was certainly better than the Samba. It started off wonderfully and dropped off a bit in the middle, but picked back up at the end. What they were really good at was accentuating the right beats in the music, even if it was just with their eyes. I loved the choreography, but disagree with Nigel in that I wish they hadn’t been doing so many tricks, especially with her battements. I think she did about twelve on her right side and only one on her left. I mean, she did them all well, but it got a bit boring. They did look really phenomenal though, and performed it well.

Couple Three: Ashleigh and Russell
Lyrical Jazz with Sonya
Sonya choreographed this? Really? I’m surprised. It was great, just not really her style at all. And yep, I wrote down that Russell completely outshone her even before Nigel started going on about it. That boy can leap! For a krumper, he is absolutely incredible. Those jumps he was doing took me about a decade to learn – I’m truly floored. And Ashleigh was fine, but she really may as well not have even better. The lifts at the end were definitely great as well. Also, more shirtless boys. Always OK.

FYI, Mary’s crying. This makes one.

Couple Four: Ellenore and Ryan
Jazz with Garry
I loved this! I wasn’t sure at first; I knew it was interesting to say the least but it definitely was awesome. Yeah, yeah, technicalities, whatever. The choreography was awesome and it was well-executed and I adored it. They were also incredibly in-sync, which was obviously vital and much more important here than stretching your legs and moving your head. Great job from both.

Couple Five: Ashleigh and Jakob
Foxtrot with Jean-Marc
This was great too! First of all, I loved her dress, but I’m sure you all put that together already. It really accentuated her kicks and spins and it was perfect. The two of them really looked like they were just having a great time and not thinking about the steps at all (in the good way). I was glad to see her getting some attention after she sort of faded in her piece with Russell. Their footwork looked flawless to me, too. Loved this.

Couple Six: Ellenore and Russell
Paso Doble with Jason
Wow. This was the second great Paso Doble we’ve seen this season. Technically perfect, no, but definitely above acceptable. I actually thought they both had great intensity and “fire and passion,” but Ellenore’s came out in facials and Russell’s came out in movement. At one part their arms were different when they definitely should have been in sync, but that’s forgivable. And the visuals were great, as they always are with Paso Dobles.

Couple Seven: Kathryn and Jakob
Contemporary with Dwight and Desmond
Oh my goodness. If this isn’t one that makes Mary cry I will be SHOCKED, and that may or may not be because I am in tears right now. Standing ovation. Good. That was freaking incredible. Both of their extensions were gorgeous, and they had the perfect balance between being sharp and being flowy. And I think they’re both made of rubber. And wow. I’m just speechless at how amazing that was.

And yes, tears from Mary. Forgivable.

Couple Eight: Ashleigh and Ryan (oh dear)
Contemporary with Travis
OK, I know I’ve been dreading this moment all season, but fine, they have chemistry, OK? They looked so stinking happy up there. Ick. The dancing was all fine and good, though not my favorite Travis piece. And, none of you will believe this is coming out of my mouth (fingers?) but her dress was a little too pink. I mean, it was like neon. And this was not a neon piece. Anyway, whatever. I guess I’m a little impressed or something.

Tears from Mary. This makes 3.

Couple Nine: Kathryn and Russell
Hip Hop with Tabitha and Napoleon (really? We almost went a whole episode without them.)
At least it’s not “emotional” hip hop. No really, I thought this was pretty great. I was totally stunned when SHE started flipping over him. That’s totally his thing and she was doing it so well! She totally held her own and they were absolutely marvelous. I will officially not be disappointed if he wins tomorrow

Well, you all know my predictions. They haven’t changed since Sunday. Tomorrow, I’ll be watching the finale with my mom and maybe Ally. Again, really, pray for no plane delays. I’m scheduled to land at 3:55 which gives me 3 hours to get home – we should be good 

And with that, I should probably start packing. See y’all tomorrow for the final blog of the season.

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