Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Top Ten Results

The opening number was simply fabulous. Cat’s dress is not. Ally texted me an hour ago and said “Ew. Cat is wearing a weird dress.” Actually, she said wierd. But whatever, she was right. Kid’s got style. Cat does not.

Anyway, I guessed the opening choreographer as soon as I heard the opening bars of It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me. Who else but Tyce Diorio? Too easy. I could have done without Ashleigh and Ryan going at it onstage, but whatever. We get it, they’re married. It’s good television (apparently). Let it go.

Here we go…

Yeah, that’s it. Let’s start with Ellenore. The only one I’m completely positive will be safe. Aaaand she is. No duh.

Mollee, looking rather grown up this evening, is also safe. My mom will be pleased.

They must be doing a bottom 2.

Noelle’s in danger, making me one for one.

Kathryn’s joining her, making Ashleigh safe and me wrong. That’s ok, though. This was getting pretty boring, so let’s mix it up a bit.

As for the guys, we’re not wasting any time sending Ryan to the bottom two and cutting straight to…Ashleigh tearing up. GIVE IT UP. I hope he goes home so we don’t have to see their sappy in love garbage anymore. Bitter, me? Nah.

Russell’s safe. Duh.

Look at that, Jakob’s safe too. Wow, this is awfully predictable.

Nathan’s the final guy in danger, which means I went two for four tonight. Not too shabby, or maybe I’m just trying to make myself feel better.

Guest dancers = awesome. Krump isn’t my thing, but if you can do it to classical music and make it work, you’re all right by me. (Mom: youtube it. Seriously.)

Ohhh solos. Noelle should probably learn to extend her knees. I think I’ve come to the root of those injuries.

Ryan, back with the same lame solo from last night. Way to have originality. (Although, wait-Noelle did use the same music. But I think it was different choreography. Or maybe it’s just better.)

I do feel like Kathryn really stepped it up. I wish Mary would stop crying. It’s almost as annoying as when she screams. And oh, good, now Kathryn’s crying. She hasn’t done that in a while. At least they interrupted her before her voice got all high and squeaky like it always did in the beginning.

Nathan was about the same as last night.

No comment on Snoop Dogg.

So, eliminations. The girls go first, and Noelle is a goner. Good thing Adam pretty much promised her work for the rest of her life.

This, obviously, means Kathryn is safe.

And for the guys…Nathan’s gone? NOOO. That ruins my evil plan. You know, the one where everyone I hate gets eliminated. But Nathan? Really? Must have been Mollee keeping him afloat all those weeks.

Argh. Maybe next week something good will happen. Like Ryan going home.

Also by next week, The Paper That Is Ruining My Life will have been turned in. Which means nothing to any of you, but makes me happy, so there.

See you then!

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  1. hang in there kiddo the semester is almost over!