Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Finale Results!

Ugh. I’m really kind of dreading this. We should have another week of competition. And I really don’t want to watch tonight precisely because of the mile-long list of guest stars Cat rattled off last night. Jennifer Lopez and Adam Lambert? Bring on the dancers, please. Just FYI, don’t expect comments here on non-dancing.

Well, we have another super dramatic introduction. Yeah, we couldn’t have pieced together that you all want to win. We needed you to sit in darkened rooms and tell us.

Powerful opening number, with the top 18, which doesn’t make sense…didn’t we start with 20?

Cat’s looking classy tonight. Took her all season, but she finally put an outfit together.

Lil C, Tyce and Debbie Allen join the panel for the evening. Love Debbie, Tyce is tolerable, Lil C tends to be a jerk who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Just so you’re all caught up.

Not sure what’s going on. It would appear that Kevin, Legacy and Russell are doing a hip hop piece together. My mom tells me it’s from the introductory show, which I missed. Thank you, political science. There’s a lot of good stuff here, although a couple of the stunts are a bit awkward.

Oh, OK. Each judge is picking their favorite routine to be recreated. That was Lil C’s.

Adam’s pick: Tore My Heart with Ellenore and Jakob, choreographed by Sonya. Was also my favorite Sonya piece this season (see Sunday’s post).

Nigel’s pick: Derek Graham’s tap piece with Peter, Philip and Bianca, which I also missed the first time around. Gosh, that was awesome. I can’t believe I haven’t tapped in 4 years.

Mary’s pick: Ashleigh and Ryan in a self-choreographed jive. Totally new, not previously performed. He really is a better dancer with her.

Pause for Leona Lewis. If you ask me, they should get her to sing Bleeding Love and bring Mark and Chelsie back to perform. But, no one asked me.

Nigel’s pick (really? Again?): At this Moment with Kathryn and Jakob, choreographed by Dwight and Desmond

Tyce’s pick: Nathan and Mollee’s Bollywood, choreographed by Nakul
87 technical difficulties, some missed cues, and an injury later, the top 6 comes on stage for some eliminations, 47 minutes in.

6th place: Ryan. CALLED IT.

Whole bunch of guest stars and promos…

5th place: Ashleigh. This finale may suck, but at least I still have my magic touch.

Adam’s next pick: Ellenore and Legacy’s contemporary by Travis

Debbie’s pick: African Jazz with Noelle and Russell, choreographed by Sean (video clip tonight, since Russell’s not really up for an encore. Poor kid.)

4th place: Ellenore. I’m starting to freak myself out with my sheer brilliance. I will officially be OK with any of the top 3 winning.

Lil C’s next pick: Ariana, Channing, Jakob and Nathan with their original contemporary piece

Mary’s next pick: Russell’s and Kathryn’s hip hop from last night.

Nigel’s final pick: The final “style” piece, featuring the top 20 and choreographed by Wade and Amanda

3rd place: Kathryn

Jennifer Lopez fails at lip synching.


Russell. Not surprised, but very pleased. Very. He so deserves it.

And there ends this blog. Wasn’t this fun? Filling my Tuesdays and Wednesdays will be a chore from now on, and I think I need something new to blog about. Make suggestions!

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