Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pre-Finale Special!

Welcome to the pre-finale special! In here, we’ll remember each of our final 6 dancer’s best performance of the season, as well as the best piece from most of the choreographers. We’ll also find out who’s spent the most time in the dreaded bottom group of dancers. I know, you’re excited, so let’s roll!

Each dancer’s best piece
I didn’t spend much time sorting through for these, and I think it makes sense that all of their best routines came in week 5 or later. All of the dancers this season (except Ryan) showed great progress and development. Also, it’s no coincidence that Sonya choreographed half of these. I think it says a lot-she can make any dancer look good. She definitely caters to their technique without compromising her own style.

Ashleigh: Week 5, lyrical jazz with Jakob, choreographed by Sonya

Ryan: Week 7, cha cha with Kathryn, choreographed by Jason

Ellenore: Week 7, contemporary with Legacy, choreographed by Travis

Jakob: Week 6, contemporary with Ellenore, choreographed by Sonya

Kathryn, Week 5, jazz with Legacy, choreographed by Sonya

Russell, Week 6, jive with Mollee, choreographed by Anya and Pasha

Of course each dancer had more great dances than just these, but I find it interesting that 4 of the 6 come from the same or similar genres (contemporary, jazz, lyrical jazz) and only two are ballroom. Krumper Russell shone in a jive piece and ballroom dancer Ashleigh performed best in lyrical jazz. You really do have to be versatile for this competition.

Each choreographer’s best piece

Not every choreographer is listed here because, well, if they didn’t choreograph any great dances, they shouldn’t get recognized for mediocrity (I'm looking at you, Mandy Moore). Luckily, almost everyone who choreographed more than one piece gets a mention. Tony Meredith you’ll find twice: once for his partnership with Melanie LaPatin and once for a piece of his own. Props to Travis, Sonya and Tony and Melanie for having 3 pieces worth considering and to Jason for having two. Here are the final results:

Tyce Diorio: Week 4, jazz, Blackbird, Channing and Victor

Dave Scott: Week 1, hip hop, On and On, Kathryn and Legacy

Doriana Sanchez: Week 1, disco, Turn the Beat Around, Nathan and Mollee

Jamal Sims: Week 2, hip hop, Move Shake Drop, Russell and Noelle

Nakul Dev Mahajan: Week 7, Bollywood, Spirit of Rangeela, Russell and Ashleigh

Stacey Tookey: Week 2, contemporary, 2 Steps Away, Kathryn and Legacy

Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo: Week 2, Argentine tango, Violentango, Ryan and Ellenore

JT Thomas and Tomas Mielnicki: Week 3, quickstep, Hey Baby!, Pauline and Peter

Andy Blankenbuehler: Week 3, Broadway, I Wanna Be Like You, Kathryn and Legacy

Sean Cheesman: Week 3, African jazz, Frog Dance, Russell and Noelle

Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo: Week 4, hip hop, Whatcha Say, Ashleigh and Jakob

Edward Simon: Week 4, foxtrot, Baby, Russell and Noelle

Tony Meredith: Week 4, Paso Doble, Pursuit, Kathryn and Legacy

Jean-Marc Généreux and France Mousseau: Week 5, Viennese Waltz, Your Guardian Angel, Kathryn and Legacy

Spencer Liff: Week 6, Broadway, Choreography, Nathan and Kathryn

Anya Garnis and Pasha Kovalev: Week 6, jive, Land of 1000 Dances, Mollee and Russell

Joey Dowling: Week 7, Broadway, Easy Street, Mollee and Jakob

Jason Gilkison: Week 7, Viennese Waltz, Ordinary Day, Mollee and Jakob

Travis Wall: Week 4, contemporary, Your Ex-Lover is Dead, Ryan and Ellenore

Tony Meredith and Melanie La Patin: Week 5, quickstep, Four Brothers, Ellenore and Jakob

Sonya Tayeh: Top Ten, contemporary, Tore My Heart, Ellenore and Jakob

And of course, the information you’ve been waiting for…

Our dear Ryan has been in the bottom four times. That’s more than half the time. Seriously, who’s still voting for him? Ellenore is right behind him with three times in the bottom, which doesn’t surprise me since she’s fairly hot and cold. Kathryn has been in the bottom once, and each of our other finalists have avoided the bottom altogether. Impressive.

So, my predictions going into the finale? I’m not too sure how they’re formatting it this season with the top 6, but I’d guess Ryan and Ashleigh go out first, followed by Ellenore and Jakob (keep in mind, this is what I think will happen, not what I want to happen.) I suspect Russell will win it all, with Kathryn being the top girl.

Of course, this all depends on how everyone performs Tuesday (or does it?) So remember to tune in. Also, it’s one hour Tuesday and two hours Wednesday this week. Plan accordingly.

See you soon!


  1. hmm ok, not sure I agree with you. Jakob will win it all. Russell? are you serious? But then again, I had picked Mollee & we all know where that got me. Nowhere. Hurry home!

  2. I want Jakob to win it all. Or Kathryn. But I think Russell will. Two different thoughts :)