Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Top Eight Competition

I know I say this every week, but are we seriously at the top 8 already? How does that even happen? The finale’s next week. Which is weird, because it’s always been the top 4. I’m confused and totally not sure how this will work, but whatever. This whole season has seemed really rushed, with no results shows for two weeks (not that I’m complaining about dancing!) and now one week fewer of competition.

According to TV guide, Adam Lambert is performing on the finale next Wednesday (which I’ll be home for! Pray for no airline delays please!) Hmmm.

Aw, crap. Ashleigh’s in a sling. Shoulder popped, and she put it back in herself (it’s possible. Trust me.) Doctors didn’t clear her for competition (the injury just happened this morning) but she should be back next week-should America vote for her. Poor girl.

As for the dancing, each couple gets one song remixed for them this week…not sure why.

Couple One: Contemporary/lyrical dancer Kathryn and ballroom dancer Ryan
Disco with Doriana
Hmm. I’m not terribly impressed. First of all, Last Dance should be sung by Donna Summer and only Donna Summer. Yes, they look great. But you could see her nerves, and she wasn’t fearless enough with a lot of the stunts. On top of that, every time he had to lift her he stumbled a little as if she’s an elephant. And he’s a ballroom dancer so no excuses about upper body strength. But Adam and Mary loved it and are throwing around words like “perfect,” so once again, what do I know? Nigel agrees with me. HAH. I think my perception is skewed by Nathan and Mollee’s routine in week one.

Couple Two: jazz dancer Mollee and contemporary dancer Jakob
Viennese Waltz with Jason
First of all, the music. I hadn’t heard this song (Ordinary Day, Vanessa Carlton) in YEARS. Until yesterday…when it came up on my Pandora station. And then this. Wow. Anyways, the dancing was really great. Mollee’s extensions were incredible and were only accentuated by that amazing skirt. I want one. I thought he was a bit awkward on the turns where they were holding hands, which seemed odd since they’re almost the same height when she’s in heels. But it was otherwise flawless. His leaps and butterflies were absolutely brilliant.

Ashleigh’s non-solo: Poor thing. She really wants to dance.

Couple Three: jazz dancer Ellenore and b-boy Legacy
Contemporary with Travis
Have I mentioned how much I am in love with Travis lately? No? Well, it’s true. He’s done it again. It was like nothing he’s done before yet just as brilliant. Wow. And, Ellenore always gets to dance with him. Lucky. The choreography was…abusive. It’s a wonder it wasn’t one of these two who got injured in practice. And between Ellenore’s extension and Legacy’s flip over the table, I was speechless. That should have been physically impossible. That was…intense. Loved it. And Nigel’s already talking Emmys. Loved Travis’s face when he said that.

Jakob’s solo: Well, he did as good as can be expected for someone who has to follow Travis’s choreography. No, it was really good, except for the outfit. Which may be enough to discourage everyone from voting for him.

Couple Four: Krumper Russell and Latin ballroom dancer Ashleigh (injured, filling in is Shane’s assistant Rachel)
Hip-hop with Shane
First of all, SHANE!!! We’ve missed you. Beyond that, I hate critiquing dances with substitutes. And Shane’s assistant Rachel isn’t very good. I would have loved to see Ashleigh in this because I think she could have rocked it. Luckily, this was totally up Russell’s ally and there wasn’t much partnering, so most of the time Rachel wasn’t even in the shots. He was great.

Sidenote: As usual, Nigel is promising everyone they’ll get through

Mollee’s solo: Fairly typical choreography but a bit more mature than we’ve seen from her in the past. Good thing.

Couple One: Contemporary/lyrical dancer Kathryn and ballroom dancer Ryan
ChaCha with Jason
Yall know my stance on repeat choreographers by now, right? Especially with the numbers of contestants shrinking. Anyways, overall I thought this was incredible. So was her corset thing. But, yes, dancing good. Better than good. One thing I noticed is how much more flexible Kathryn’s right side is than her left. But that doesn’t really matter. Her back flexibility was awesome and the ending was phenomenal. And out of nowhere. The downside: the hot tamale train seems to be back. Really, Mary?

Legacy’s solo: Awesome, as usual. Makes my head hurt.

Ellenore’s solo: just the usual. A bit sloppy at parts. Not great.

Russell’s solo: haha, he’s Santa. I’m so easily amused. And he bounces back from stupid mistakes (like not tying his shoes tight enough. Really?)

Couple Two: jazz dancer Mollee and contemporary dancer Jakob
Broadway with Joey
Maybe it’s my infatuation with all things Annie, but I thought this was brilliant. The costuming was positively brilliant, right down to Mollee’s hair. Doesn’t even look like her! And it all fits the period so well. And the dancing was awesome to match! Perfectly synchronized!

Kathryn’s solo: Wow, it’s like her legs are made of spaghetti. In a good way.

Couple Three: jazz dancer Ellenore and b-boy Legacy
Hip Hop with Tabitha and Napoleon
Why yes, Tabitha, this piece is strange. Legacy totally stole the show, which really shouldn’t come as a surprise, but Ellenore seemed like she was holding back. Plus those tops are completely unflattering. But judges conversing in alien language = totally awesome. But, yeah, not feeling it. Sorry folks.

Ryan’s solo: All things considered, much better than his past solos. I do wish he’d stop incorporating back handsprings and splits into his ballroom routines. And all respect goes down the toilet when he starts crying over his wife. Gah.

Couple Four: Krumper Russell and Latin ballroom dancer Ashleigh (injured, filling in is Nakul’s assistant Alicia)
Bollywood with Nakul
Hey, this assistant can actually dance! The costume makes her look like a mermaid though. For knowing nothing about bollywood, I though Russell was great. It was high-energy and technical and all around really good.

Loove how they showed rehearsal shots of Ashleigh with the numbers at the end. Good call.

So, bottom two guesses?

Ashleigh and Ellenore
Ryan and Jakob. But really, just Ryan.

As for me, I’m in much higher spirits this evening, having turned in my enterprise and knowing I get to go shopping with my best friend tomorrow. Life is good.

Happy voting! See y’all tomorrow night!

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