Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Top Eight Results

In a feat of perfect timing, I got home from an outing with my best friend, turned on the TV, and they were just starting the opening piece! Whose choreographer I guessed correctly, which, as my mom said, wasn’t that hard. But still.

Hey, Cat’s wearing a semi-decent outfit! It’s about time.

Starting out with the guys tonight.

Russell’s safe, in spite of Shane’s awful assistant. Thank goodness-he was really awesome and I’d hate for Ashleigh’s injury to stop him.

Legacy’s in danger. I blame Tabitha and Napoleon. Man, listen to those angry teenage girls. They are not happy.

Jakob is safe. Thank goodness. I would have been truly shocked if that had gone the other way. Ryan is awful. And surely more people voted for Legacy, right? RIGHT?

Mary’s voice is unusually loud tonight. I don’t even think she knows she’s shouting.


Kathryn’s safe, which kind of surprises me. She’s the one I never really notice all along, which was Jeanine last season, so it could work to her advantage. Or maybe everyone else has noticed her. Whatever.

Ellenore’s in danger! Wooo! I was afraid that the Travis piece and the fact that she’s a favorite would work in her favor but maybe not! (Also, maybe all of those angry brats in the audience should have VOTED if they loved Ellenore and Legacy so much.)

Ashleigh’s safe. That’s weird. Huh. Hopefully Mollee ends up safe.

Ryan falls to his knees, presumably thanking God or whoever. I really hope he goes home.

There just aren’t enough words to mock this Asian “pop group sensation.” And usually mocking is what I do best.

They’re auditioning for season 7 in January? Does this mean they’re going back to the summer format? That could pose a problem if I’m in not here when it starts. And, as we all know, the world revolves around me.

Some dancers came out with different solos…Not sure about Legacy’s and Ellenore’s, but Ryan’s was definitely the same and Mollee’s was definitely different.

Hey, Kris Allen! That guy who won American Idol…but no one remembers because of the Adam Lambert scandal. Lame.

Uh-oh. Ellenore’s going to the finale. My mom will not be pleased.

CRAP. What is wrong with people? Ryan’s safe too. Now I’m not pleased. This is not OK.


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  1. sigh. not my choices either but you knew that. Not sure I'll even bother to watch my recording of this.